Unhurried: a workshop on Jupiter in Taurus


Join us for a workshop that will teach you how to:

  • receive insights on how Jupiter transiting Taurus has been showing up in your life these last six months, and will for the next six months 

This workshop will be presented live Sunday December 3, 4–6 pm ET. Rising Sign Meetups by element will follow after a 30 minute break.

Purchase includes the streaming access to our workshop 3 days post-event.

$25 until day before / $40 day of and after

Cristina Rivera is a moon lover, tarot reader, and astrologer from the Salem, MA area. She uses astrology as a tool for personal reflection, empowerment, and direction and believes that witnessing the ways the planets work provides life-changing clarity. Cristina possesses a lifelong passion for developing tools and curating sacred spaces of learning for knowledge-seekers.


Follow Cristina’s work at @thestarryeyedsage on Instagram/Threads

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