Fire Rising Signs Meetup

There’s never a shortage of astrology to talk and learn about 🤓😅 and sometimes we get caught up in the whirlwind of it all, especially the ebbs and flows of intensity it parallels in our lives….
Ascendant Assemblies though, is a sweet spot where you can cozy up with new and old friends, laugh, get deep, and vibe over astrology 🥰
Mark your calendars for our December rising sign meetups when you can gather with fellow risings and those sharing the same element.
Why Attend?
💗 To create connections with other astrologers and practice speaking the same language
✨ To to gain the experiential component of learning – track real time astrology transits and discuss with others how those transits affect your lives
🌞 To be mind blown by the parallel experiences shared by your rising sign peer groups – see astrology actually working!
A Zoom room link will be sent 72 hours beforehand.

$12 requested
$16+ supportive
$8 supported

We offer flexible pricing to accommodate a variety of budgets while valuing all labor involved 

Suggested price: $12.00

Minimum price: $8.00

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