The New World: A Dive into the Aries/Libra Eclipse Cycle


Join us for a workshop that will engage with:

  • a discussion of the nodes and how the Aries/Libra eclipse cycle is calling us to a new world
  • grasping how Pluto’s transition between Capricorn and Aquarius is playing a role in the last and upcoming eclipse
  • witnessing how the Taurus/Scorpio cycle laid the groundwork for this next chapter

This workshop is designed for all who want a thoughtful and supportive container to grow their astrological knowledge. Participation in discussion is a key part of this workshop. Together we will reflect individually and collectively on what the upcoming eclipse cycle has and will continue to bring us as we shift into a new world.

Cristina will presented this workshop live Saturday October 7, 1–2:30 pm ET. Rising Sign meetups by polarity will follow after a 30 minute break.

Purchase includes the streaming access to our workshop 3 days post-event.

$25 until day before / $40 day of and after


Cristina Rivera is a moon lover, tarot reader, and astrologer from the Salem, MA area. She uses astrology as a tool for personal reflection, empowerment, and direction and believes that witnessing the ways the planets work provides life-changing clarity. Cristina possesses a lifelong passion for developing tools and curating sacred spaces of learning for knowledge-seekers.


Follow Cristina’s work at @thestarryeyedsage on Instagram/Threads

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