Mirror Into the Heart: A Venus Retrograde Workshop


Join us for a workshop that will teach you how to:

  • comprehend this Venus Rx in Leo transit (square Uranus and Jupiter!)
  • practically apply this new knowledge, and
  • witness Venus in real time as she co-writes your story


We’ll look back at Venus’ performance through Leo so far and give you ample reflection and discussion time to understand how Venus is mirroring your desires and those of your peers as well as using our prediction skills to envision potential endings for this unfolding story.


We’ll learn through audio clips, review of important Venus Rx dates and chart features, reflection questions, and discussions.


Astrologer Cristina Rivera will guide us through astro basics and beyond to help us witness our own experience of the Venus Rx and how Venus is shining a light on our desires.


This workshop is designed for anyone wanting a thoughtful and supportive container to grow their astrological knowledge and reflect individually and collectively on their Venus Rx experience.


Saturday August 19 1–2:30 pm Eastern / 10–11:30 am Pacific 


Supported $25 (available through August 18)

Supportive $40


Zoom room link will be sent 72 hours beforehand



Cristina Rivera is a moon lover, tarot reader, and astrologer from the Salem, MA area. She uses astrology as a tool for personal reflection, empowerment, and direction and believes that witnessing the ways the planets work provides life-changing clarity. Cristina possesses a lifelong passion for developing tools and curating sacred spaces of learning for knowledge-seekers.


Follow Cristina’s work at @thestarryeyedsage on Instagram/Threads

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